Thursday, July 22, 2010

Welcome Home Mark!

I have to give a shout out to my cousin Mark. He's back! Last weekend, my parents and I went up to UT for his homecoming. He gave such a powerful talk and shared some pretty awesome stories he had with the people of Mexico City. You could just tell how much he has matured and grown over the mission. It's awesome because he's still the same old Mark too. It's just always more fun when he's around. We're so glad to have you back Mark!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A weekend in CA

Oh California...
I want to go back! My family got to get together again for a quick trip to San Diego. We had a really great time. I love hanging out with Tyler and Alisha and being able to see Bella and Grayson's excitement for everything at SEA WORLD- it made the trip. (ps I can not wait to get another nephew in a few months!)

Well it's not exactly a Disney Princess, but a walrus with a sailor coat and glasses is pretty exciting too... right?
Feeding the sting rays was pretty exciting! Here's Grayson holding a dead fish... not so sure about the idea. ha
This was so cool. Bella was tapping on the glass of the tank...
and the little otter swam right up next to her!
Gosh, she is growing up so fast!
Grayson loved this sword... and 'Grandpa Lon'. ha
Miss you guys!
Love you Bella Bree
Kinda spur of the moment, while driving around San Diego, we decided to hit the beach for a few hours. Clothes and all... luckily Bella and Grayson had their suits! I'm so glad we stopped, it was a lot of fun before we had to say bye.
I couldn't help but think of Elder Peterson working and sweating hard out there in Mississippi. He's doing so great! I miss him a lot. (I'll post some pictures soon)
Once Bella got buried, Grayson was all for it too. I love their faces!

From San Diego, we drove up to Orange County for a few more days to meet up with my Aunt and Cousins in Disneyland. Every spring or summer for the past couple years my mom and I have met up with them. They know the ins and outs of those parks. It is so much fun to go with them!
What made this year even more special was that my cousin Mark (handsome guy in the black ladies :) returned home from his mission in Mexico City. It was awesome to have him back- Welcome Home Mark!
If anyone is going to DLand anytime soon.. you have to make it to the 'Billy Hill and the Hillbillies' show in the 'Golden Horseshoe'. It's possibly my mom's favorite part about disneyland ha we go every year!